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Record events and creations with McCool Records.

See your ideas and events take form with bold artistic vision.

Present hard work and exciting moments to the world with the McCool Records services.


Making Events Unforgettable

McCool Records is a family-owned and operated team.


Micah McCool - As owner, Micah does professional sound and video recording, mastering and production as well as photography.


Elyse McCool – Co-owner and Micah’s wife, Elyse is a formally trained musician and artist who creates original artwork and music, in addition to adding her photographic skills to the team.


Tom McCool - Bringing 35 years of photography expertise to your doorstep.


Guest Talent – The McCool trio integrates its skills with other musicians to broaden the horizons of potential for those seeking  music and art in business or pleasure.

What’s New?

Cosmic Sherpas
Launched April 2012

We are happy to announce McCool Records’ official studio band, Cosmic Sherpas… a collective of musicians in the Atlanta area who join Elyse and Micah McCool in creating original tunes enjoyable across genres.

We Are One

July 2012

The time is now! We have all been making art and music for so long, the wait is finally over. As a family, we are moving forward by teaming up our professional skills.

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